[Freedombox-discuss] Harddrive + Excito B3

Lorenzo lorenzo at usucapio.net
Fri Apr 29 14:10:17 UTC 2011


I'm looking into some hardware to buy to start testing few 
ideas. I came to the conclusion that having an hard drive inside the box 
is a must
for the following reasons:

1) Storage space: I need lots of GB to store photos, etc.
2) Wear: I'm not very comfortable on having R/W data on cheap compact flash
3) Simplicity: With an hard-drive I can install a normal debian without 
having to
setup a readonly root, security updates are also easier

Do those reason make sense? Am I overlooking something?

I found a device that seems to be exactly what I need: Excito B3 [1]. 
It's a bit
expensive but it comes with Debian pre-installed! Anyone has any experience
with it?


[1] http://wiki.excito.org/wiki/index.php/About_Bubba

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