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Is the freedom box (FBx) a DDoS mitigator? What about a load balancer?
Social graphs tend to have highly connected nodes, which would be primary
targets for disruption, and I have this amazing collection of pictures of my
cat that everyone is going to want to see. Therefore I would add malicious
(DDOS) and friendly (/. effect) traffic spikes to Sandy's threat model [1].
 The abilities listed below go a long way towards enabling DDoS mitigation
and load balancing across trusted FBxes, but does this happen at a routing
protocol level or within the FBx stack or both, or am I missing something?
If this was already discussed elsewhere, please direct me appropriately.

## Facilitates secure, anonymous and private chat and messaging
> * Is a platform for distributed collaboration.
> ## Security and Reliability
> * Is smart about of knowing who to trust and how much to trust them.
> ## Connectivity and Interoperability
> * Is able to Communicate securely, privately and anonymously with other
> FreedomBoxes and devices.
> ## Data Backup
> * Is your encrypted backup server.
> * Is capable of storing backups on other FreedomBoxes, local storage or on
> third party servers.
> * Is recoverable by strength of your social network in addition to the
> usual methods (passphrase or keys).
> ## Is A Good Net Citizen.
> * Is capable of detecting intrusion on its downstream LAN (e.g. looks for
> bot-shaped packets/traffic).
> * Is a filter for ads and other unwanted content.
> * Is a tool for collaborative SPAM filtering.

[1] -

ps - Hi! I'm a graduate student and I've been reading this list since
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