[Freedombox-discuss] Minimal spec for NAS?

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Thu Jun 2 20:38:15 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 12:29 PM, Sam Hartman <hartmans at debian.org> wrote:
>>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Godshall <togo at of.net> writes:
>    Tony> IMHO at a minimum a freedombox should offer to share *the
>    Tony> stuff you wish to share*,
> Agreed.  I think the point in the example is that there was a
> presumption that by plugging in a disk you wanted to share that disk by
> default to the local network.

Say for example the local network is on unencrypted wifi.
You really want that to be the default?  I could see the default
being a listing of the directories and files with a "share" button
by each one, and if you click "share" it would give you the option
of  "local network - no protection" or "share with world - no protection"
or "share with world - encrypted".

> That seems like a usability question in terms of default configuration.
>    Tony> not everything you have, and it
>    Tony> should offer to share it through an encrypted and
> I tend to disagree with this.
> Anonymity is really expensive and has lots of implications.  It should
> be available, but should not be the default.

If the primary purpose is for there to be an easy to use box that
protects freedom of speech, then I don't understand why you
think those who publish through it should be easily identified.
But perhaps I misunderstand you or the purpose of freedombox.


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