[Freedombox-discuss] Minimal spec for NAS?

Lars Wirzenius liw at liw.fi
Thu Jun 2 22:08:24 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 01:38:15PM -0700, Tony Godshall wrote:
> Say for example the local network is on unencrypted wifi.
> You really want that to be the default?  I could see the default
> being a listing of the directories and files with a "share" button
> by each one, and if you click "share" it would give you the option
> of  "local network - no protection" or "share with world - no protection"
> or "share with world - encrypted".

There may be some confusion here from a misunderstanding of purposes:
the thing I am proposing at the root of this thread is about building
the first step, not the final "FreedomBox NAS" service. The first initial
thing that does something required from a NAS, while requiring as little
development effort to implement. It's not necessary to make it deal
with all scenarios. It's not necessary to make it be suitable for
the average person to use on whatever network they have at home:
it's perfectly OK to say "this is suitable only for people who know
what they're doing, since it is a development prototype".

It's easier to share a USB disk automatically than it is to have a
system for allowing users to configure what gets shared and what.
A configuration system absolutely needs to happen, but it's not
necessary for the first step.

If we aim for perfection from the start, FreedomBox is doomed.

As such, I think I'll consider all the suggestions so far as
good things to consider for future iterations, but ignore them
for this one.

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