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On 15 June 2011 16:54, David Edmondson <dme at dme.org> wrote:

> (Sorry if you see a duplicate - MTA difficulties.)
> * charles at knownelement.com [2011-06-15 Wed 05:59]
> >> Running that server, it appeared to me that standard DSL link
> >> reliability is quite an issue.
> >
> > It certainly can be. Especially the dirt cheap plans offered by the
> > telco providers in the USA. I paid 110.00 a month for static ip/no
> > filters/business class DSL in Los Angeles CA. I now run everything on a
> > VPS at my $dayjob for ~50.00 a month.
> My worry about using a VPS is that we lose some of the useful properties
> of the system being physically located at our homes. For example:
>   - Using an encrypted disk is more complex, because I can't easily
>     provide keying material when the system boots,
>   - The system is no longer under my physical control, so I can't
>     destroy it, move it to another site, etc.
>   - The company providing the VPS may have a different legal obligation
>     to an individual should a government agency ask for information
>     about or from the system,
>   - Moving large amounts of data to/from the system may be
>     significantly more time consuming (or it may not - it depends where
>     the data is coming from or going to).

Using *any* centralised repository is a compromise, as far as I'm concerned.
If it can be achieved, strict peer to peer distribution is preferable.

Within any strategy involved in disabling networks, attacking the nodes of
that network are priority.This compromises the entire network.


Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
by the wise as false,
and by the rulers as useful.

— Lucius Annæus Seneca.

Terrorism, the new religion.
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