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Hi all,
 Thought of throwing my hat to the mix. Having been involved in security for more than a decade as researcher and R&D folk ( these days consulting admittedly more and more away from the wire) what I have seen is choice of languages though important, might not be as important in larger scheme of things.
 There are quite a few trade offs, being pragmatic and making the right choice in terms of security, maintainability , usability and productivity would be the key, my two pence worth view.

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On 20 Jun 2011, at 21:21, Samuel Rose <samuel.rose at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Matthew Evans
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>> Hi List,
>> I've recently been following the Freedom box project, congratulations and
>> good luck. It seems like a fantastic idea.
>> I've been spending the past few years coding and designing systems written
>> in the Erlang programming language. From what I can see with your
>> requirements Erlang would be a great fit.
>> The language has distribution "built in". Once two or more machines are
>> joined in a mesh you can spawn processes on remote VM's and send requests to
>> those processes (send messages to) as if they were local. It makes writing
>> applications on a distributed cluster of servers very simple, other than
>> network delay there is no difference between working on a distributed
>> (remote) machine than a local machine.
>> I could, for example, imagine a chat server deployed by a person in a
>> restrictive country. From the perspective of the chat server owner their
>> service is running locally on their own Freedom box, however in actual fact
>> it would be running on a Freedom box in another country.
>> There are a number of distributed projects written in Erlang (used by
>> Facebook and others). An interesting open source project I recently
>> discovered is cloudi (http://cloudi.org).
>> Good luck
>> Matt
> Matt, I think Erlang is a great fit for certain applications in
> Freedombox. Distributing Erlang across the internet would likely take
> direct collaboration between the administrators of each node machine.
> However, that doesn't preclude applications being written that can
> automate this and make it easier.
> Also, check out webmachine and mochiweb
> https://bitbucket.org/justin/webmachine/wiki/Home
> http://code.google.com/p/mochiweb/
> for creating http web applications and services (which may also be distributed).
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