[Freedombox-discuss] gratis libreboxes?

Thomas Lord lord at emf.net
Fri May 6 18:38:26 UTC 2011

> This particular implementation appears to include things that the
> generic FreedomBox would not need (Composite/HDMI video),  

I think its something to consider.

A Freedombox with HDMI out is one that can be
configured and used all on its own by people
who don't have any separate computer.   Even users
that do have a separate computer can still use
this feature when initially configuring the box.

Also, machines in this class aren't about to become
serious high-end "home media centers" or game consoles
anytime soon but... lo-fi?  At that price?   They'd
fly off the shelves.

> and not
> include things many (most?) of us see as mandatory (built-in
> networking).  

There is that, yeah.  

> I'll be interested to see if they can hit their target price of $25. 

That's the question.   On the other hand, the more projects
that aim for something like this, I guess, the more likely 
some will hit.


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