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ya knygar knygar at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 19:30:31 UTC 2011

> It's alive as far as I know. :)

well, its alive but there isn't enough of life - as for me.
>From what i see as a subscriber to public FSW list,
currently it is Not active.

I think - most of initiatives from Brad Kipfer's wiki
that was mentioned in the first post - doesn't working with/into FSW.

Maybe it would be slightly better when they would transfer the propositions
to W3C Community Group discussion systems,

For sure - that CA or USA meet up or any Face-to-faces before
aren't helpful at all - as for me,
as for any concurrent edition social network i know, including
XCCC (you might be interested in our
helping with better algorithms - http://primarypad.com/OeMj2ZnZqo
contact me please, if you have some questions/wish to help).

Ok, we are in XCCC - kind of small, who cares that
we leave on other sides of the planet in W3C CA.

There was the big and at some point - great Google Wave,
now it's code in big brave Apache Wave,

i can't see nothing as propositions from FSW.

having somewhere the site and somewhere the list
doesn't help to encourage Federated Social Web

I don't think that - if we need to see FSW now,
we have needed it yesterday --
the "Lots of very smart people in that group"
isn't succeeded or working productively in the
right direction. Not at all.

@Melvin Carvalho
So - what should i do? (i just mean that,
maybe you could advice :)
what have i done:
i'm proposing the
One place -- W3C FSW group to work into,
around. We doesn't receive any feedback about
protocols we propose on it's list. Not a one message,

than - i increasingly hear - even here, that
well - who cares of FSW - there are some one-two
popular networks that work under - as it is standardization org.
 What should we do in
such a case? create the better alternative to the "FSW"
initiative? maybe OWF has these clever people and
they want to work here for FSW? Foundation with money?
these aren't rhetorical questions, i really need your advice.

now a bit of rhetoric:

You'v seen the "We need..." wiki, you'v seen the rough list of existing

as a reply for 'your' 2nd variant
-- how do you think
-- to how many of these initiatives FSW proposed/recommended
to use - at least -
https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/WYSIWYM editor
to help the FSW in that way..?
-- for how many - the previous W3C SW group - proposed?

For all this time.
Semantic conceptions isn't something new, in the end,

Ok.. another example
-- for the 1st variant
-- we have some ActivityStreams something..
some popular status.net instances, some FB, some MySpace
kind of supported it.. let's say -- we have some RSS/Atom for many years
already.. Do you see some FedSocWeb from it's existence? i'm not.

Do you think OStatus as the mighty all-including specification
would lead the 'FSW' group to make FSW?

Don't get me wrong please, i - really like the Semantic Web idea,
i really, really like the Open Data.
We are trying hard to implement
the Semantic-ability in XCCC nets. I think - RDF in JSON
or just the clever XML
 -- something like this - could be used into p2p and other crazy-mixed
 social networking, to help the Semantic, eventually Federated Web.
What do you think of JSON for semantic BTW(by-the-way)?
I hope we would manage to combine it all with some clever Identity system,
so semantic wouldn't mean unsecured or un-private.
(I have found http://openetherpad.org/fXuqiu8nem
i think - you - really may help young XCCC that is
aiming into Boxes and FNF projects -- to make the
proper decisions! you could just write any opinion
under the 9. objective on that Primarypad link)
But, i have a feeling,
 !just a feeling that - mixing the GUI's with data to transfer
the data isn't the best way for performance or security.

Maybe if there would be best DB, like -- ok, we have Camlistore for almost
everything or Tahoe.. or everything through some ultrafast and cool WebDAV..
.. i don't have the answers for these, and i don't see that if i am or
anyone would
post it to FSW list - there would be insightful reaction. Maybe
you - Melvin Carvalho - know some answers?

PS: one and a half more questions to you-
You have the nice site,
- how have you filled it with RDF, visual markers?
i mean - do you know any great framework maybe
the preferable WYM.. or something planned
- for this,
or it is all by hand and meant like it would be ok for
dedicated users of fbx's , for example?

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 2:11 PM, Melvin Carvalho
<melvincarvalho at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 14 September 2011 14:11, ya knygar <knygar at gmail.com> wrote:
>> we/you would need to breath the life to the FederatedSocialWeb.net
>> before we/you would see it, probably ;)
> It's alive as far as I know. :)
> Lots of very smart people in that group.  I think they are having a
> meetup in san francisco.
> http://doodle.com/fe29nz5mgsk7yuww
> There's two rough approaches, both have merits IMHO
> 1. The FSW is slightly more top down, going from the activity streams schema
> 2. The other is slightly more bottom up, defining arbitrarly keys and
> values, more of a "NoSQL" style.
> For example, you can see from my homepage (a relatively normal
> homepage with some "rel" links)
> http://melvincarvalho.com/
> A. Click on the "RDF" view at the top
> B. Then Click on bblfish
> C. Then Click on Jonas Smedegaard etc.
> D. Or click on one of the properties in a page ... eg interests have a
> whole date layer -- there's 100s of ecosystems iinked together
> You can get lost in there for ages, but it's already a federated
> social web existing today across many servers.  (It's going to be
> awesome when FBX can become part of it)
> Hopefully both approaches will converge over time!

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