[Freedombox-discuss] Identity Thief Gold Mines

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Thu Sep 15 12:40:33 UTC 2011

i think - it is - affordable personal servers with self-hosted email instances
that would help the
> get the word out that each individual already has the means to control

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:03 PM,
<FreedomBox-Discuss.NeoPhyte_Rep at ordinaryamerican.net> wrote:
> Those wonderful folks the Entrepreneurs are creating some real
> goldmines for the Identity Thieves:
> http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/the-electronic-nails-in-the-post-offices-coffin-09082011.html
> "once users give Manilla the credentials for their business accounts,"
> "the digital mail providers have invested in the same level of
> encryption and security that banks use."
> I commented that banks have been hacked.
> I find it ironic that Bloomberg Businessweek had an article explaining
> how the Re-insurance companies (those that are the last resort) are
> having a hard time keeping up with the exponentially increasing risk
> in the modern world in the previous issue.  I wonder how many
> Re-insurance companies will insure these start-ups against claims for
> identity theft?  And we thought the Sony debacle was bad!
> How do we get the word out that each individual already has the means
> to control this on an individual basis?  All is needed is a white list
> controlled mail server, unique mail addresses for each billing
> correspondent, and, if you really want protection, a virtual machine
> to track each account.  That would make each account a  very small
> attack surface, even at home, where the virtual machines would be
> kept.
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