[Freedombox-discuss] Grant Proposal Feedback Requested

Marc Manthey marc at let.de
Sat Sep 17 19:25:13 UTC 2011

hey nick

I am not an presentation expert,  just have some experience watching  
thousends of it and i am still learning :)
I know most of you guys are debian purists and like simple and  
streight forward stuff, but to reach
the audionce that should use this freedom thingy and not just a few  
nerds, we need to use the power of multimedia.

The problem is IMHO , that your information is usefull of course ,BUT  
you use to many links, nowadays presentations needs to look different,  
because people have no time and are lazy to read and follow links, so  
a presentation is not about
a few words and a collection of links , its needs to be  LOUD to catch  
the attention !! :).

This is a good example what explains social media in 2 minutes,  
picture slides some explanation text and music


If you present something people watch the presenter and the slides, if  
its a virtual
presentaion made for the internet you can use voiceover or text to  

what i really like because it gives you " annonymity"  ,

thats another example i like:


a presentation should be authentic, short clear statements and not  
overloaded with unessesary information,

just my 2 cents



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