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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu Sep 22 09:31:32 UTC 2011

On 11-09-22 at 12:41pm, John Walsh wrote:
> Alas, as a Debian Blend with limited resources we are restricted to 
> using the technologies provided by the Debian project. I realise now 
> that our website will always look like http://debian.org than the 
> bling filled http://ubuntu.com which I suspect is Marc's expectation 
> of a modern website and mine too for that matter.
> I do think the Debian Blend strategy is a good one, but I do think 
> Debian should allow the blends to have their own distinct brands 
> rather than being a pale imitation of Debian.org, just like clothing 
> companies have different shops/brands for different consumers. Sorry, 
> I digressed in this paragraph.

In my view, a Debian Pure Blend _is_ as boring looking as Debian itself, 
because it _is_ Debian.  What then makes sense is that companies brand 
various redistributions of (physical boxes containing) the FreedomBox 
blend of Debian.

I would imagine that Canonical would then make their own "Frubuntu" 
fork, whereas Globalscale Technologies and New IT could be convinced of 
the selling point of marketing their *Plug hardware as by default 
containing the _Pure_ blend of FreedeomBox.


 - Jonas

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