[Freedombox-discuss] (no longer about) Which domain name for the promotionnal website ?

Marc Manthey marc at let.de
Tue Sep 27 21:41:58 UTC 2011

On Sep 27, 2011, at 11:20 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> Hi Marc (and others),
> On 11-09-27 at 11:00pm, Marc Manthey wrote:
>> On Sep 27, 2011, at 10:53 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>> On 11-09-27 at 10:35pm, Yves L wrote:
>>>> Hi Freedomboxians,
>>>> I'm in the process of setting up the promotion and outreach website
>>>> I envisionned a bit earlier [1]
>>>> I played around a few Wordpress themes and plugins and before the
>>>> hard work begin I thought I might sollicitate you on which domain
>>>> name to buy.
>>>> Keeping in mind that it should state clearly what we are talking
>>>> about to everyday people (a fair number speaking another  
>>>> language) I
>>>> ended up with this personnal shortlist :
>>>> FreedomBoxPlaza.org
>>>> YourFreedomBox.org
>>>> TeamFreedomBox.org
>>>> OurFreedomBox.org
>>>> FreedomBoxes.org
>>>> FreedomBoxed.org
>>> How about YvesFreedomBox.org?
>>> Or, if you do not intend to govern that new domain as a new project,
>>> freedombox.debian.net or freedombox.debian.org.
>>> ...or work with the foundation on improving/redesigning their
>>> existing website.
>> And i would improve your speaking skills
>> http://media.biks.dk/fb/epfsug/
> Great - help with that is much appreciated.
> Maybe point me to some particularly elegant highlights from video
> recorded talks you've given yourself.
> Thanks for the constructive criticism,

See jonas everybody does what he can and is willing todo, but debian  
isnt a religion its a do-o-crathy  ? or how do you call it ?
You are a great package guy from what i heard, but this does not gives  
you any rights to argue with someone who is willing todo something  
that nobody else did in the past 6 month. So relax and imagine it were  
you, that had a great idea and someone just ranted something that you  
dont want to hear.

have a nice week



P.S. The idea of a freedombox or a meshed plug device isnt born on  
this aswell

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