[Freedombox-discuss] (no longer about) Which domain name for the promotionnal website ?

Weaver weaver at riseup.net
Tue Sep 27 22:05:58 UTC 2011

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 23:41:58 +0200
Marc Manthey <marc at let.de> wrote:


> >>>
> >>> How about YvesFreedomBox.org?
> >>>
> >>> Or, if you do not intend to govern that new domain as a new
> >>> project, freedombox.debian.net or freedombox.debian.org.
> >>>
> >>> ...or work with the foundation on improving/redesigning their
> >>> existing website.
> >>
> >> And i would improve your speaking skills
> >>
> >> http://media.biks.dk/fb/epfsug/
> >
> > Great - help with that is much appreciated.
> >
> > Maybe point me to some particularly elegant highlights from video
> > recorded talks you've given yourself.
> >
> >
> > Thanks for the constructive criticism,
> See jonas everybody does what he can and is willing todo, but debian  
> isnt a religion its a do-o-crathy  ? or how do you call it ?
> You are a great package guy from what i heard, but this does not
> gives you any rights to argue with someone who is willing todo
> something that nobody else did in the past 6 month. So relax and
> imagine it were you, that had a great idea and someone just ranted
> something that you dont want to hear.

I don't really think there's a need for any of this.
I fail to see where anything Jonas has said is anti-productive.
I should also add that cohesion and direction are important in any
project and that is all I can see Jonas suggesting.
Consequently he is being more productive in the context than *some*
who make disparaging remarks, but suggest nothing creative themselves.
Please note I say *some* as the observed tongue in cheek commentary is
also a vital project ingredient. We're human, not automatons.


"In a world without walls and fences, 
what need have we for Windows or Gates?"

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