[Freedombox-discuss] (no longer about) Which domain name for the promotionnal website ?

John Walsh fiftyfour at waldevin.com
Thu Sep 29 01:01:36 UTC 2011

 Hi all,

> I do have however a 
> hunch (correct me if I'm wrong) that the capabilities of 
> debian hosting might be more limited than what I would expect 
> for setting up a "modern" website (mysql, shell 
> access,control panel...). Beyond the technical limitations 
I wondered too about the Debian's hosting capabilities of
freedomboxfoundation.org when I saw Foundation postings at
http://planeteria.org/freedombox/ rather than the homepage of the
Foundation. I hope you are proposing using a modern CMS like wordpress which
would be a drawcard for web designers and the like.

> After having read the TAC thread on their mailing list in 
> July [1] I came to the conclusion that the community around 
> the freedombox could organize itself a bit more without 
> waiting for "official" approval.
I thought everything was decided under the auspices of the Foundation and
Debian until I read this post too. 

> @Nick : On the point of splitting the effort. James Vasile 
> launched the idea of working groups in July but sadly nothing 
> ensued yet. What I was suggesting is merely putting to good 
> use (advocacy and advertising
> mainly) those of us who are not developers or packagers... 
> and trying to get more people interested and possibly on 
> board as well.
I am a non-developer and I am happy to just write content, which can be
subject to your approval/publication. I am also willing to do donkey work
such as creating categories

I would like to see the site expanded (baby steps - we have at least 18
months before FreedomBox will be released as a Blend with Debian Wheezy)
into a project/community site like skolelinux which is also a Debian Blend,
but with it's own distinct branding (non-Debian colouring and a penguin with
a school cap). There are a few Debian Blends, but the only one I heard of
was skolelinux and I think that's due to it's distinct branding. Personally,
I like the name freedombox.org - it just says "community project" to me.

> Thanks everyone for the input however, it is always useful to 
> mature one's ideas. I intend to work on writing material for 
> a few days to see if I get any responses from James but if 
> nothing shows up I'll go for the separate website route with 
> anyone interested.

I would like to see some sort of assurance that your site could be donated
to the foundation at a future date. I look forward to your proposal.

-- fiftyfour

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