[Freedombox-discuss] DreamPlug and Trac on Wheezy?

bnewbold at robocracy.org bnewbold at robocracy.org
Fri Aug 24 15:30:11 UTC 2012

It worked fine for me using the wheezy package, at least with tracd...

root at freedombox:~# uname -a
Linux freedombox 3.2.0-3-kirkwood #1 Mon Jul 23 22:36:47 UTC 2012 armv5tel 

root at freedombox:~# apt-get install trac
The following NEW packages will be installed:
   ca-certificates docutils-common docutils-doc javascript-common 
   libjpeg8 libjs-jquery liblcms1 libneon27-gnutls libpaper-utils libpaper1
   libsvn1 libxml2 libxslt1.1 python-babel python-chardet python-docutils
   python-genshi python-imaging python-lxml python-pkg-resources
   python-pygments python-roman python-setuptools python-subversion
   python-support python-tz sgml-base subversion trac wwwconfig-common 

root at freedombox:~# aptitude show trac
Package: trac
State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Version: 0.12.3-1
Priority: optional
Section: web
Maintainer: Python Applications Packaging Team 
<python-apps-team at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture: all
Uncompressed Size: 7,074 k
Depends: python2.7 | python2.6, python (>= 2.6.6-7~), python (< 2.8),
          python-pkg-resources, python-genshi (>= 0.6), python-setuptools (>=
          0.6), libjs-jquery
Recommends: apache2 | httpd, python-subversion, python-pygments (>= 0.6),
          python-tz, python-babel (>= 0.9.5), python-docutils (>= 0.3.9)

root at freedombox:~# trac-admin ~/my_project initenv
[all defaults]

root at freedombox:~# trac-admin ~/my_project deploy ~/public_project

root at freedombox:~# tracd --port 8000 /root/my_project

[browse to http://<freedombox>:8000/my_project, /my_project/timeline, 
/my_project/report, everything looks fine]

root at freedombox:~# rm -rf public_project/ my_project/
root at freedombox:~# apt-get remove trac
root at freedombox:~# apt-get autoremove


On Fri, 24 Aug 2012, Nick Daly wrote:

> Hi folks, could someone help me confirm a weird bug I'm seeing with my
> own DreamPlug, so I can make sure it's not just me or my system doing
> something really stupid?  I'm trying to run Wheezy's Trac on a
> DreamPlug, but whenever I set up a repository, it fails to load the
> page, claiming that the repository needs to be upgraded.  Upgrading
> the repository does nothing (says that the repository's already
> upgraded), and the web front-end generally fails to load.  I'd
> appreciate if someone could confirm this, so I can be sure I'm not
> wasting the packagers' time by filing a bug report.
> I get the same results when using my plugserver setup scripts [0] and
> when building a repository by hand:
>    $ trac-admin ~/my_project initenv
>    $ trac-admin ~/my_project deploy ~/public_project
> If it fails miserably for other folks too, I guess I'll just file the
> bug and switch everything to Redmine for now.
> Thanks for your time,
> Nick
> 0: https://bitbucket.org/nickdaly/plugserver
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