[Freedombox-discuss] FBX Setup with Debconf Web-Frontend: Difficult

Loiseau Lucien loiseau.lucien at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 09:51:16 UTC 2012

Hellow there, answer in the mail :

Le 15/01/2012 11:03, G S3123889 a écrit :
> Hi
> I'm none technical person nor developer (just end user)
> Will it be possible not to use 443 for https, since
This is up to the server. If the server decides to use port 443 for 
HTTPS, you can't really choose another port, unless you use a proxy.

> if I have FBX, I'd like to use it also for Web browsing via a secure 
> shell (ssh) tunnel.(from internet caffe, work etc...)
> This way we already have ssh connection, all communication is already 
> encrypted, so there is no need to re-encrypt it again.
> And if for example one FB wants to post mail to another FB, all it has 
> to do is,
> Open ssh tunnel to that box, using spharemonkey,and smtp to the 
> postfix on the other box using ssh tunnel.
> Same with browsing, web page on remote FBX, it is just a matter of ssh 
> to the remote machine using ssh and route using Squid.
> This way, there is no need to re-encrypt the communication.
> Thanks

Well, HTTPS is a end-to-end encryption between your laptop and the 
website you want to browse. If you are browsing from a mcdonal or 
anywhere else.  tunneling your traffic through a SSH tunnel will provide 
you an encryption from your laptop to your FBX but will not provide you 
end-to-end encryption because the traffic between FBX and the website 
will remain unencrypted, unless you are using HTTPS.

i'm not really sure to understand how you want to tunnel your traffic, 
but here is a quiet straightforward procedure. you can create a SOCKS 
server on the local side, listenning on port 9999 with the following 
command : ssh -D 9999 login at FBX
all you have to do now is to configure your browser to use the fresh new 
local socks proxy to browse the internet. FoxyProxy (Firefox) is a good 
add-on to save your configuration and fast switch your browser to it 
(with a button).

Note that you can also configure other software (i.e. mail, chat) to use 
this proxy.

Hope that'll help,


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