[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox, the Beta-Release: 6 months

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 02:50:47 UTC 2012

Hi fellow FreedomBoxers,

I just came back from Rightscon in Rio, which was an amazing experience,
and was very troubled by the feeling of vaporware I got from a number of
people about this project.  Fortunately, no Duke Nukem jokes were made,
but it's been a year and a half since the FBX Foundation was formed and
two years since the project was announced.  We really should have more
development work to show for it.

After talking with James Vasile we were able to put together a list of
projects for the first release.  We should shoot for a six month
timeline (the end of the year-ish) to prove to the world that we're a
community that acts with bold intent.  However, there's no way we can
meet that goal without many more active committers.  So, please, join us
and ask anyone you know to take part in the project.

Here're the things we've identified that need to get done, in no
particular order:

* Privoxy
** TODO Privoxy should use the released HTTPS Everywhere regexp ruleset
** TODO Add enabling and disabling Privoxy to the Plinth UI

* DHCP / IP Config
** TODO Turn DHCP on/off through Plinth
** TODO Select DHCP or Static IP in Plinth
** TODO Integrate basic OpenVPN settings into Plinth
** TODO Integrate Dnsmasq into Plinth
** TODO Point "fbx" and "freedombox" URLs to the Plinth UI

* Setup/First-Run Process
** TODO Build the first run config/setup
** TODO The setup process generates keys for user
   Advanced users can replace those keys with existing keys later.
** TODO Setup generates keys for the box itself
   This allows discovery, collaborative reliability monitoring, etc.
** TODO Turn DHCP on by default (on first boot)
** TODO Enable Wireless Access Point (WAP) by default

* FreedomBuddy
** TODO Complete FreedomBuddy
** TODO Integrate FreedomBuddy into Plinth
** TODO Hook FreedomBuddy into OpenVPN
** TODO Hook FreedomBuddy into SSH

* DreamPlug Specific?
** TODO Enable both eth0 and eth1 by default
** TODO Decide which eth is LAN and which is WAN

How does this all get done?

For something to be done, it needs to be integrated into Plinth or
FreedomMaker.  I've forked and published Bdale Garbee's Freedommaker
[0], and will continue to use my Plinth repository [1].

If you have changes, fork and send me a pull request.  I'll build an
unstable image, based on the most recent repository snapshots I have, on
Friday nights.  By around noon the next day, Saturday, I'll publish the
image [2].  People interested in testing and bug reporting can download
that image, copy it to an SD card, or use it as a VirtualBox disk image.
Instructions will follow, but I'd appreciate submissions.

We all know exactly what we want. Here's exactly how to get it. Guess
it's time to change the world [3].


0: https://github.com/NickDaly/freedom-maker
1: https://github.com/NickDaly/plinth
2: https://betweennowhere.net/tracker/freedombox-unstable.torrent
3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V1-0_oidVg

PS: When downloading the torrent, the betweennowhere.net site will throw
security errors because the certificate is self-signed.  I don't trust
CAs.  If you would like to verify the certificate manually, here are the

    CN: *.betweennowhere.net
    SN: 00:C1:97:2E:8D:AB:28:18:72

    Issued: 11/18/11
    Expires: 11/15/21

    SHA-1: BC:5C:8B:0B:66:79:7C:47:9F:50:86:7E:14:EC:C5:9F:12:98:79:8D
    MD5: 4C:89:08:06:53:91:05:BD:EC:8F:3C:B0:24:D6:79:48
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