[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox, the Beta-Release: 6 months

Markus Sabadello markus at projectdanube.org
Thu Jun 14 15:29:23 UTC 2012

Hello Nick,

I was only able to follow RightsCon remotely, but I have talked about the
FreedomBox at a number of other events in the last few months.

I basically had two kinds of experiences:

1. From people who had known about the project for a while:
Similar experience as you describe, i.e. people wondering why it doesn't
get done.

2. From people who had not heard about it before:
Typically extremely excited, keen on seeing it done and getting a box for

So yeah, the bottom line is, we need to get something working out.
Myself, I have already spent a lot of time experimenting with my 4
Unfortunately I don't have a Dreamplug, but I guess I'll get one at some

I'd love to do some actual development work for FreedomBox as well. But I'm
not good in Python.

Personally, I strongly identify with the FreedomBox project and would like
to do my share to promote it and help make it real.

BTW I will give a talk about FreedomBox in Vienna on Sunday, in case anyone
on the list is there.

Project Danube: http://projectdanube.org
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium: http://personaldataecosystem.org/

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 4:50 AM, Nick M. Daly <nick.m.daly at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi fellow FreedomBoxers,
> I just came back from Rightscon in Rio, which was an amazing experience,
> and was very troubled by the feeling of vaporware I got from a number of
> people about this project.  Fortunately, no Duke Nukem jokes were made,
> but it's been a year and a half since the FBX Foundation was formed and
> two years since the project was announced.  We really should have more
> development work to show for it.
> After talking with James Vasile we were able to put together a list of
> projects for the first release.  We should shoot for a six month
> timeline (the end of the year-ish) to prove to the world that we're a
> community that acts with bold intent.  However, there's no way we can
> meet that goal without many more active committers.  So, please, join us
> and ask anyone you know to take part in the project.
> Here're the things we've identified that need to get done, in no
> particular order:
> * Privoxy
> ** TODO Privoxy should use the released HTTPS Everywhere regexp ruleset
> ** TODO Add enabling and disabling Privoxy to the Plinth UI
> * DHCP / IP Config
> ** TODO Turn DHCP on/off through Plinth
> ** TODO Select DHCP or Static IP in Plinth
> ** TODO Integrate basic OpenVPN settings into Plinth
> ** TODO Integrate Dnsmasq into Plinth
> ** TODO Point "fbx" and "freedombox" URLs to the Plinth UI
> * Setup/First-Run Process
> ** TODO Build the first run config/setup
> ** TODO The setup process generates keys for user
>   Advanced users can replace those keys with existing keys later.
> ** TODO Setup generates keys for the box itself
>   This allows discovery, collaborative reliability monitoring, etc.
> ** TODO Turn DHCP on by default (on first boot)
> ** TODO Enable Wireless Access Point (WAP) by default
> * FreedomBuddy
> ** TODO Complete FreedomBuddy
> ** TODO Integrate FreedomBuddy into Plinth
> ** TODO Hook FreedomBuddy into OpenVPN
> ** TODO Hook FreedomBuddy into SSH
> * DreamPlug Specific?
> ** TODO Enable both eth0 and eth1 by default
> ** TODO Decide which eth is LAN and which is WAN
> How does this all get done?
> For something to be done, it needs to be integrated into Plinth or
> FreedomMaker.  I've forked and published Bdale Garbee's Freedommaker
> [0], and will continue to use my Plinth repository [1].
> If you have changes, fork and send me a pull request.  I'll build an
> unstable image, based on the most recent repository snapshots I have, on
> Friday nights.  By around noon the next day, Saturday, I'll publish the
> image [2].  People interested in testing and bug reporting can download
> that image, copy it to an SD card, or use it as a VirtualBox disk image.
> Instructions will follow, but I'd appreciate submissions.
> We all know exactly what we want. Here's exactly how to get it. Guess
> it's time to change the world [3].
> Nick
> 0: https://github.com/NickDaly/freedom-maker
> 1: https://github.com/NickDaly/plinth
> 2: https://betweennowhere.net/tracker/freedombox-unstable.torrent
> 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V1-0_oidVg
> PS: When downloading the torrent, the betweennowhere.net site will throw
> security errors because the certificate is self-signed.  I don't trust
> CAs.  If you would like to verify the certificate manually, here are the
> details:
>    CN: *.betweennowhere.net
>    SN: 00:C1:97:2E:8D:AB:28:18:72
>    Issued: 11/18/11
>    Expires: 11/15/21
>    SHA-1: BC:5C:8B:0B:66:79:7C:47:9F:50:86:7E:14:EC:C5:9F:12:98:79:8D
>    MD5: 4C:89:08:06:53:91:05:BD:EC:8F:3C:B0:24:D6:79:48
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