[Freedombox-discuss] Circumvention Tools Hackfest in NYC before HOPE Sticky

James Vasile vasile at freedomboxfoundation.org
Thu Jun 21 18:22:43 UTC 2012

Hey everybody, we've blown the hackfest wide open to include a bunch of
good privacy projects.  I hope you can join us!

The Open Internet Tools Project has partnered with FreedomBox, InformSec
and ISOC-NY to host a circumvention tools hackfest in NYC right before
HOPE. We've got four days to plan, code and learn! If you want to hack
on anti-censorship or anti-surveillance tools, bring your project, bring
your skills and bring your friends. This event will be focused on
writing code and solving design problems. We won't have any long
presentations (there will be enough of those at HOPE), though we will
have lightning talks and will give away a door prize or two.

Where: Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Hall, 116th and Amsterdam

When: July 9 - 12, 10 am

Who: Privacy and free communication hackers like you

Please RSVP to kaurin at openitp.org and tell us what you plan to work
on, what kind of projects and people you hope to meet, and which days
you will join us.

Feel free to repost this invite or to link to it:

Some modest travel stipends are available for amazing projects. Email
James Vasile (james at openitp.org) about those.

Some projects we know will attend: Commotion Wireless, Cryptocat,
Guardian Project, Brave New Software and the Lantern Project, and

This hackfest is a collaboration between the Open Internet Tools
Project, FreedomBox Foundation, ISOC-NY, and InformSec.  Big thanks to
our partners, all of whom are contributing crucial support and

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