[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox Unstable Image 2012.0622 Available

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 04:17:14 UTC 2012

Hi folks, this latest revision of the FreedomBox unstable image makes it
significantly easier to get the image onto your DreamPlug: you don't
technically need a JTAG any more, if you don't mind opening it up.  The
latest image is built to boot the system when DDed to a 2GB (or larger)
microSD card:

1. Open the DreamPlug to access the microSD card.
2. Accept the fact that you've just voided the 30 day warranty.
3. Pop out the card and plug it into your computer/microSD adapter.
4. Fiddle with /etc/fstab as necessary.
5. ``make test-card``
6. Wait around an hour, depending on your card's write speed.
7. Pop the card back into your DreamPlug.
8. Bask in the glory of your sheer awesomeness.

I still have to commit the changes I made to Bdale's Freedom-Maker to
get it to work, but those will be in tomorrow.  You can get the image
itself from:



Since this is an SD card image, it's several times larger than previous
images, so I've just stopped using the GitHub repository.  It just
didn't seem fair to them to consume nearly a gigabyte of repository
space with a binary file, each week.

Please test!

Thanks for your time,
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