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Nicholas Hardiman nick at planetlarg.net
Sun Jun 24 19:04:16 UTC 2012

Is it a newer plug? 

If so, you can use mwifiex (http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/mwifiex) and that is much simpler than messing with the Marvell drivers.  On the sticker on the rear, the serial number starts with DS2-114, as in "S/N: DS2-1141-000123".

I had a fair bit of fun with both wireless client and server. Good news is, client is easier. You can trawl through old forum threads 
* http://www.newit.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,3073.0/topicseen.html
* http://www.spinifex.com.au/plugs/dphowtowificl.html

or I can post a working SD card image file for downloading.

Would that help?

Nick Hardiman
nick at internetmachines.co.uk

On 23 Jun 2012, at 22:21, Nick M. Daly wrote:

> On Sat, 16 Jun 2012 17:22:25 -0400, James Valleroy wrote:
>> After further experimenting, I've found that you actually only need 2
>> files under /lib/firmware/mrvl for AP mode, those are sd8688_ap.bin
>> and helper_sd.bin. As far as I can tell, these two files are not
>> currently included in firmware-nonfree (or firmware-libertas).
> James, have you been able to get the DreamPlug to act as a wireless
> client with Debian testing (with Marvell's redistributable stuff)?
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