[Freedombox-discuss] Two days left on your PageKite account ??

Marc marc at let.de
Sun Jun 24 19:08:40 UTC 2012

2012/6/24 Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson <bre at pagekite.net>:
> Marc, I don't think this belongs on the FreedomBox mailing list.

dear bjarni

I put this on the list because you made alot of advertising on this
list for your "product"
and now you changed your terms and disable people that using your free service.

Its like get an free email here and after 3 month you told me i have
to pay for it.

So i have  2 GB quota and i used 30 MB in 3 month and now you wanna
tell me  i have to pay for it ?

Thats not right and i am very upset, because i am using your service
for my icecast radio sometimes and people know the ADRESS !! , the
adress is my point because i am using this name for long !

I made a lot of advertising for pagekite and when a kite isnt running,
it redirects the visitors to your page anyway. So how can we get out
of this missery ?



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