[Freedombox-discuss] Government use but no government conspiracy

Rick Hodgin foxmuldrster at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 19:50:44 UTC 2012

No, I don't believe I naively believe that vPro and other such technologies are only being used as has been disclosed.  That's why I was so scared about the technology when I read about it.  I would argue that it would be an absolute impossibility (due to the ease with which one moves from A to B) that it was not moved beyond A (public disclosure of IT abilities) and into B (hidden stuff that governments / military can use).

No, I believe categorically that vPro is the most scary technology ever put into a general purpose computing device.  And if AMD has something similar, I'll be switching to VIA CPUs only, instead of a mixture of VIA and AMD CPUs in my machines.

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Rick C. Hodgin

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> Rick Hodgins wrote: "You're reaching to go from the
> existence of
> debug regs and UUIDs to a government conspiracy. 
> Evidence is
> required."
> I did not write that the government forced Intel and AMD to
> install
> a backdoor by installing Intel AMT, Intel vPRO and AMD DASH.
> I did
> write that they would be accessibly by IT administrators,
> government, hackers, etc.
> Likewise, the government did not force Dell and Lenova to
> install
> Intel vPro and Computrace in their BIOS. I did write that
> they
> could be activated by government, hackers, investigators,
> etc. to
> remotely track the geolocation of computers as well as
> remotely
> procure photographs and data via keyloggers.
> Antimalware programs do not scan BIOS nor processors. They
> do not
> report AMT, DASH, vPRO and Computrace activity.
> Do you naively believe that Intel's AMT and AMD's DASH are
> solely
> used by IT administrators? Do you believe that vPRO and
> Computrace
> are solely used for anti-theft? Majority of users never
> access
> their BIOS. They do not know whether their BIOS has vPRO or
> Computrace. Neither owners manuals, manufacturers' websites
> nor
> stores advertise Computrace and attempt to sell an annual
> subscription to Computrace. vPRO and Computrace are
> backdoors.
> ARM does not have the equivalent of vPRO or Computrace. At
> least
> not yet. Thus, I am not asking you to ask Marvell if there
> is "anti-
> theft."  I am asking you to ask Marvel whether: (1) out
> of band
> monitoring; (2) visible PSN; (3) ARM TrustZone which is
> equivalent
> to TPM and; (4) debugger.
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