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To comment on Rick C. Hodgin's concern that AMD may have an
equivalent of vPRO, it does. It is AMD DASH without the anti-theft.
Most of the frightening aspects of vPRO is Intel's AMT which is in
vPRO and acts independent of vPRO. I think Intel installs AMT in
computers without vPRO. AMT and DASH have similar capabilities.

AMT has been hacked. Even without hacking AMT, a hacker can hack
the local LAN to access AMT and DASH to gain complete remote
control of the computer.

Ben, you mentioned wireshark can sniff the out of band traffic.
Wireshark or snort on the computer being remotely accessed would
not detect the traffic. Wireshark and snort would have to be
running on another computer who's AMT or DASH was not being
remotely controlled.

Rick Hodgin, thanks for recommending VIA processor. I have been
researching the Samsung NC20 netbook which has a VIA Nano
processor. However, VIA does not answer questions. Hence, I posted
on their forum. Samsung NC20 was discontinued and I cannot find
used ones online.

Tim Schmidt wrote: "You're misinformed, or lying.  Please stop."
regarding my post: "Dell automatically updates the BIOS of older
Dell notebooks that didn't have Computrace preinstalled to now have

A geek who own's an old Dell laptop complained about this. Dell and
Lenova perform automatic updates of drivers including BIOS.

"Both Dell and Lenovo supply an auto-update program to update
drivers and, in Lenovo's case, the various helpful utility programs
that come with the system. ... My laptop is always up-to-date, and
the update program has never failed, performing bios flashes,
software upgrades, and even installing some new features.

Thread by a Dell owner who's Computrace was activated before he
purchased it and it was sending data.

Computrace has been hacked.

Dell also preinstalls vPRO. I will ask my geek whether the
automatic BIOS update contained Computrace and vPRO.
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