[Freedombox-discuss] Without software collusion

Rick Hodgin foxmuldrster at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 20:13:24 UTC 2012

Correct.  That's why I'm suggesting it will go over routers.  However, it is out-of-band because the sender and receiver are operating on their own.  They both operate with regular traffic pushed to it by the operating system + apps running, but they are also operating in this way outside of that by issuing / responding to requests on the out-of-band traffic.

The OS and apps would never know a machine is being queried by vPro.  They would keep on running like normal.  It's all happening at a layer invisible to any security software running on the machine.  That's my point.

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> > As I understand it, while the data still comes over
> ethernet or WiFi, it is not further routed up the layer
> stack beyond the hardware medium layer itself.
> Your understanding is incorrect.  While the vPro
> communication may
> appear out of band to the receiving machine - because it's
> intercepted
> by the hardware before the CPU is aware of it - to any other
> piece of
> ethernet equipment on the wire, it's just an ethernet
> frame.  Like any
> of the billion others they process routinely.
> --tim

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