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Robert Martinez mail at mray.de
Sat Jun 30 09:47:44 UTC 2012

On 29/06/12 22:40, godswearhats wrote:
> Hey, just joined the list recently.
> Looking from the outside in, here are the problems I've seen:
> * No clear leadership (I'm here, I want to help, I don't know who to 
> ask for work!)
> * No clear short-term goals
> * No clear way for people to join in
> Maybe all these things exist, and I expect some of them do, but it's 
> not clear to newbies or outsiders.
> I want to help, but don't know if the help I want to give is going to 
> piss people off.  What I'd like to see:
> * A (short) list of functionality for an MVP
> * A lead for each sub-project under that, even if the lead says "TBD", 
> and an obvious way to contact the lead
> * An issue tracker with some tasks in it, even if those tasks say 
> "it's not clear how to do this yet."
> * Distinct identity - at the moment, FreedomBox feels like it's owned 
> by Debian
> * Some milestones
> In other open source efforts I've been a part of, there's usually an 
> originator who plays the role of benevolent dictator, or a core team 
> that does the same. If this project has one or the other of those, 
> it's again not clear who they are or how to communicate with them.
> If someone can help me understand all these things, then I'd be keen 
> to work to make it easier for the rest of the world to understand them 
> too.

You make some excellent points.
I also think that optimizing the "contribution-process" on many levels 
could be much better.
I contributed some design effort that is not used yet, and I don't know 
what would be the best way to get the new wiki look up and running asap: 

Can somebody please join the me in putting this online?

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