[Freedombox-discuss] updates to plinth

Fifty Four fiftyfour at waldevin.com
Tue Mar 27 09:14:29 UTC 2012

Hi Sean,
I am only a user so I am only working from the screenshot. 

I assume this is the "administrator" account theme because a local user
wouldn't get access to the router settings. I assume a local user account
theme would look more like a Facebook Account. I assume when you login into
the administrator account home page you would get a status page for router
and server applications e.g. email, xmpp, web server.
I think you should keep the FreedomBox logo, but drop the FreedomBox
Dashboard words. This will free up space for smartphones. Icons are
important for smartphones, but it's a very hard thing to get right. In
Australia, the eye symbol indicates CCTV. I think Firefox's Mask symbol is a
good Privacy symbol - super hero's wear masks to protect their identities!

> >
> >> The top bar isn't "too" busy in my opinion, but unnecessarily busy.
> >> The icons are rather small and they don't really help identifying
> the
> >> meaning of the content that they present.
> >> I probably would omit them and make use of the extra space that gets
> >> available; maybe size up the font!
> >> Same is true for the secondary menu.
> > I agree that we need to find better ways to display the main
> categories
> > and make them the focus of the design.  I do, however, think the
> toolbar
> > is the right size.

> You probably misunderstood me - I meant to scale up the font only, not
> the whole bar.
> >   So, the wise thing to do would be moving the main
> > categories elsewhere. and changing the structure of the page around.
> >
> > I do like the little icons...at least in the side menu  I think the
> open
> > eye next to privacy is probably the best example of something that
> fits
> > perfectly.  I'd rather change these icons where necessary than remove
> > them completely.
> I'm not completely against icons, they certainly are decorative,
> appealing and sometimes really useful!
> The problem is that if just some work sufficiently - you have to
> question using them on every menu item.
> So I agree that we might work on creating a complete set, but as long
> as
> there are mainly vague icons that come from a standard iconset with
> questionable semantic meaning we should better not use them at all.
I think it's too early to tell what the taskbar items should be other than
status (home page), account and help. I think you are on the right track for
a theme. Time and feedback will bring the right icons and taskbar and menu

It's a pity there isn't a demo site where I could go through the menu items,
but I'm still happy to look at the screenshots!

- fiftyfour - 

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