[Freedombox-discuss] New FBx Foundation Website Theme

Robert Martinez mail at mray.de
Fri Mar 30 21:45:41 UTC 2012

Great to see the progress!

At this point it seems to me either roughly interpreted or not finished.
All in all I see you want to push more information to the upper part of 
the page and changed quite much. What do you consider to be unfinished 
at this point?

- I like the downscaling of the video to put it side by side.
- You also changed the background texture from the rough concrete to a 
more gentle pattern. I think that works, too.
- you omit the rss and atom links and added an archive - how come the 
content changes?
- I forgot to mention that you need to have the font "Days One" 
installed to successfully export the logo, i didn't outline it!
- the thin gray line works well as a separator replacement to the green 

- you added a very strong footer. I like the open end at the bottom, 
with a footer as strong as the header the page gets cramped. i would 
stick to simple white space there
- you removed the gradient from the header and added a new, stronger one 
to the less important background on the sides. That way you draw 
attention to the wrong place flattening out the important parts and 
bringing to life what should be "quiet"
- currently the menu evades the logo. this may be pragmatic but may not 
work in other languages/more menu items and looks awkward because:
- you have four different vertical alignements! my mockup adheres to the 
alignment of one vertical gridline (exception is the indented 
video+text) along the logotype, the menu, the headlines, the paragraph 
texts, the news separator and the footer. it is very important to give 
the eye a clear guide where text usually starts.
- this is most probably a candidate for the "not finished" part: the 
font color is still plain black (not dark gray) and text size and 
line-height differs on many places where it shouldn't. the headlines 
weight is way too strong, too. I'n no fan of underlined links, but if 
you really need them add a light blue border-bottom instead of the 
text-decoration: underline

This was probably more feedback than you expected, but covers almost all 
things that I see right now.
I can work them out in css if you want, but it seems to be a bad idea to 
work against a moving target. So just give me a note when I should jump in.


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