[Freedombox-discuss] Configuration via SNMP over SSH

Matthias-Christian Ott ott at mirix.org
Sun May 20 00:03:00 UTC 2012

I didn't followed the FreedomBox project over the last year, but as far
as I understand Plinth is now the configuration utility for the project.
Regardless of that I suggest to look at SNMP for configuration.

SNMP is standardized, there is working software for it and as I recently
found out, it can run over SSH as a subsystem, which seems like the
biggest advantage to me. Instead of a HTML based user interface, you
could provide a native user interface and instead of TLS it would run
over SSH. SSH has the advantage that it doesn't require X.509 to secure
the connection (theoretically you could use TLS with OpenPGP, but except
for GnuTLS there is no library that supports it and probably there won't
be any support for it in major web browsers in the near future) and
requires mutual authentication. The user interface could be similar to
Tryton in modularity and appearance.


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