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Fri May 25 01:56:35 UTC 2012

Hi Nick, 
I'm not as technically adept as you guys, so I hope I am not on the
wrong wavelength, but I will try to answer your question.
I want basically what James Vasile on the website said. I want to use
Freedombox for a more anonymous Internet experience without the hassle
of becoming too l33t.
- I want to have secure, anonymous voice/video/text conversations with
people (Skype-replacement).- I want to be altogether untraceable on
the Internet- I want to remove ads from my browsing experience- I want
to have the privacy of no one watching me when I don't want them to
be- I want to fileshare and download things anonymously- I want Tor,
Torrent, and Freedombox traffic to be indistinguishable from normal
traffic- I want to get around Internet censorship, such as DNS
blocking- I want to get around ISPs discriminating usage and
throttling users
- Avoid relying on ISPs and DNS altogether? O.o (Because they're
I'm okay with having to, for example, plug it into a computer, or into
a wall on its own - or even better, both. 
That's the main experience I want to get from using Freedombox.
Anything else would be cool too, but come second for me.
If this isn't the kind of response you're looking for, don't mind me
I'll be one of the first to buy this thing :)
- Thinkmoore
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