[Freedombox-discuss] What Do You want to use the FreedomBox for?

Rick Hodgin foxmuldrster at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 12:28:01 UTC 2012

I've been reading responses and thinking about this.

The device needs to be as low power as possible, so they can run the longest on the least power in places where power is scarce. For nowthis is a somewhat lesser concern, but I think something worthy of the longer-term consideration.

If Freedombox has the ability to handle traditional networking with the encryption layer automatically enabled (MonkeySphere), and can function as part of an independent adhoc mesh network (preferably using longer distance technology like WiMAX), then all other software requests should fall in place relatively easily as part of the traditional Debian / Linux software stack.

As a software developer, I have wanted to contribute to Freedombox.  But I know nothing of the toolsets in place.  I know C and C++ quite well and would be able to work with future modifications to existing code bases in those areas.  I also understand a lot of theory and could help in those areas.

Still, I think our primary goal is networking and the ability to securely communicate.  All other wants seem to fall automatically in line after that, as I know there are dozens of developers itching to begin using this secure mechanism, enabling software solutions which are not part of the traditional Internet and it's non-anonymous user footprint.

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Rick C. Hodgin

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> Mesh network, dropbox.
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> >So, I always worry that we (as a list and project) might
> end up chasing
> >ideals or hypotheticals ("wouldn't it be cool if...")
> instead of actual,
> >deliverable, software.  To help prevent that, I'd
> like to hear from
> >folks what you'd actually like to use the system
> for.  If enough people
> >get behind any particular idea, we should try to make it
> a priority for
> >the next hackfest.
> >
> >I want to use it as:
> >
> >- A Jabber Server.
> >
> >- A replacement for DropBox (a file storage /
> synchronization system).
> >
> >- A wiki/Evernote replacement (for all those crazy ideas
> I want to write
> >  down somewhere).
> >
> >Anybody else?
> >
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