[Freedombox-discuss] What Do You want to use the FreedomBox for?

Anders Jackson anders.jackson at hig.se
Fri May 25 15:19:07 UTC 2012

- p2p backup on other FreedomBoxes
Would be not to hard built upon git-annex, as Elena ``of Valhalla''
mentioned.  I can be set up so that each file is stored in more than one
place, and synced when needed.

Jabber would also be a good infrastructure to build upon.  It's
designed to do a lot more than just chat. Could be used to transfer keys
and smal files.

- remote file storage
Again, git-annex as a backup and file storage.

- music streaming
Streaming on local network or outside of your local network?  Streaming
inside is easy. I uses Firefly Media Server (mt-daapd) for RSP and DAAP
(iTune protocol). Works great with Linux boxes. :)
Then you can use VPN to get that out of your home.

I also would really like to have IPv6, IPsec and DNSSEC. This is could
be a killer app for the box. IPv6 routing, tunneling and firewall easily
done between FreedomBoxes and nodes out on usual IPv6 using IPsec.  And
users doesn't even need to know that they are tunneling.

An IPv6 implementation must support IPsec, you "only" need to distribute
keys to your peers.  There FreedomBox could be usefull.  All modern
OS:es has support for IPv6, so routing through a Freedom box wouldn't be
that hard.

> Also, dont forget this kind of usefulness of the boxes result into
> more instalations, where we can sneak back all the privacy stuff we
> want :)
> The shared social key managment is the first thing i would like to
> ser working btw

I agree with you.  This IS important, to get something to the "market"
fast.  I would love to see IPv6 as a part of the first shipping.  And
Linux Contaniers, LXC.

These other stuff is also important, but could be added later.

Yours, Anders.
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