[Freedombox-discuss] What Do You want to use the FreedomBox for?

Isaac Wilder isaac_lists at freenetworkmovement.org
Sat May 26 01:20:02 UTC 2012

On 05/25/2012 11:19 AM, Anders Jackson wrote:
> - p2p backup on other FreedomBoxes
> Would be not to hard built upon git-annex, as Elena ``of Valhalla''
> mentioned.  I can be set up so that each file is stored in more than one
> place, and synced when needed.
This could also be accomplished with a tahoe grid. I'm not familiar with
git-annex, but it's good to have options.
> Jabber would also be a good infrastructure to build upon.  It's
> designed to do a lot more than just chat. Could be used to transfer keys
> and smal files.
I would see us build our general messaging platform around XMPP. What
are the options for interop with email?
> - remote file storage
> Again, git-annex as a backup and file storage.
> - music streaming
> Streaming on local network or outside of your local network?  Streaming
> inside is easy. I uses Firefly Media Server (mt-daapd) for RSP and DAAP
> (iTune protocol). Works great with Linux boxes. :)
> Then you can use VPN to get that out of your home.
> I also would really like to have IPv6, IPsec and DNSSEC. This is could
> be a killer app for the box. IPv6 routing, tunneling and firewall easily
> done between FreedomBoxes and nodes out on usual IPv6 using IPsec.  And
> users doesn't even need to know that they are tunneling.
> An IPv6 implementation must support IPsec, you "only" need to distribute
> keys to your peers.  There FreedomBox could be usefull.  All modern
> OS:es has support for IPv6, so routing through a Freedom box wouldn't be
> that hard.
+1 for v6 routing.
Any particular reason why you suggest IPsec?
>> Also, dont forget this kind of usefulness of the boxes result into
>> more instalations, where we can sneak back all the privacy stuff we
>> want :)
>> The shared social key managment is the first thing i would like to
>> ser working btw
> I agree with you.  This IS important, to get something to the "market"
> fast.  I would love to see IPv6 as a part of the first shipping.  And
> Linux Contaniers, LXC.
Could you elaborate on why the box should ship with LXC? Is this to make
it easy to add stuff later? I feel like on an intentionally low power
system, running containers is a bit ambitious wrt system resources.
> These other stuff is also important, but could be added later.
> Yours, Anders.
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