[Freedombox-discuss] Request For Comments on Islands of Resilience http://islandsofresilience.eu/

Nick M. Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 02:30:05 UTC 2012

JOSEFSSON Erik <erik.josefsson at europarl.europa.eu> writes:

> I'm a hesitant to send this RFC to the list since it is only vaguely
> related to FBX. Still, it's the fastest way for me to get in contact
> with lots of people that I am quite sure are interested in the
> topic. Please let me know off list whether I have burned my good
> karma.

Erik, you may also want to bring this to LiberationTech and the

> This is a request for comments on the study Islands of Resilience by
> Smári McCarthy and Eleanor Saitta:
> 	http://islandsofresilience.eu/

I don't know that I'll have an opportunity (or have sufficient
contextual knowledge) to comment on it, but I'll be very interested in
reviewing it.

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