[Freedombox-discuss] who wants the new look to go online?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Fri Sep 28 20:59:47 UTC 2012

On 12-09-28 at 09:29pm, Robert Martinez wrote:
> On 28/09/12 13:47, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> >Summarizing like that is not really encouraging.
> >
> >For my own part, I tried clarify how it makes sense for me to engage 
> >in a maintainable(!) webdesign.  It is my impression that there is 
> >(or was) not much interest from others in working as I wanted, so I 
> >didn't push that further: I shall not stop you from approaching this 
> >however you want - but please do not interpret that as complete lack 
> >of interest.
> Great!
> If the freedom to do it your way encourages you - join me!
> I really don't care what happens under the hood, I came up with the
> design, html & css code.
> My interested lies in getting it live finally.

Thanks, but I am not sure what you really invite me to join - as it 
seems you miss my point: Importance of what happens under the hood of 
the design - e.g. how external sources are tracked and how result is 
possible to get integrate with Ikiwiki - is exactly what we disagree on 

I tried point this out before on this list: 

...but your response indicated to me that your style of working is more 
towards a mockup than a (to me) readily usable and mantainable design.

Please don't take it the wrong way: A mockup is great, just not enough 
to be usable.  ...at least the way I work - the actual website admins 
may very well be fine simply throwing your code on top of Ikiwiki, as 
Sean responded when I commented again at the design list:

(above has an annoying disruptive antispam JavaScript: after clicking 
the button you may need to go back and reload to reach the proper URL)

> >I find it quite relevant to coordinate with the maintainers of the 
> >website how to apply design for it.  Or recognize that if a design is 
> >developed without coordination, it will most likely take additional 
> >time and effort to restructure for those who administrate the 
> >website.  That does not (necessarily) mean that they are hibernating.
> I *do* try to get in touch with the maintainers of the page here!
> Hence the questions.
> Of course the necessary changes will take some time, no matter who
> will take care of it.
> What do you consider to do as a next step?

I suggest as next step to figure out how the website admins are willing 
to receive a new visual design (if at all).

...which hopefully will emerge in this very thread :-)

 - Jonas

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