[Freedombox-discuss] who wants the new look to go online?

Matt Platte mp at oldabilenetown.org
Fri Sep 28 22:41:17 UTC 2012

I looked at the source of http://mray.de/fbxfoundation_robert/theme.html
and looked at the source of http://freedomboxfoundation.org/

Both sites use a "style.css" that begins with /* ikiwiki style sheet */

According to what I read at and near http://ikiwiki.info/theme_market/
it should be fairly simple to add or change the design of an ikiwiki
site.  If the new look can be packaged up as an ikiwiki theme (sorry, I
don't know what all that entails) then the site admins could:

1) install the new theme
2) activate it
3) decide whether to keep or revert.

Disclaimer: I am not an ikiwiki user or developer so I may be talking
out of my a$$ here.


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