[Freedombox-discuss] more info on bluetooth and wifi in Dreamplug

Jack Wilborn jkwilborn at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 16:04:10 UTC 2013

Great, that tells me that it needs to get done, I guess.... Sooo

Does anyone know how or what the file


is built or created and what the following lines really do?

# Generic Driver Options

I edited out a number of other lines, but left what I thought was useful.
Notice a useful one is commented out!

I originally found this in a template file (same name but post pended with
template) in which the top of the file stated "Do not edit" and on to say
it was automatically created.

Anyway it seems that file can turn off or on the firmware, but I don't know
which firmware or where, does anyone?  Does this mean the firmware is
there, but not being included?

I have found the Vendor ID (0x2df) and Device ID (0x119a) but cannot locate
any information on those ID's.  Most state they are for a PCI connection
and it doesn't appear that these are driven that way.  A schematic would be
nice!  I'm hoping to chase it down, currently, via the supplied software
from Global, but do not have warm woollies about it....

Thanks for any help...


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 3:18 AM, Nick Hardiman
<nick at internetmachines.co.uk>wrote:

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> On 26/06/2013 04:01, Jack Wilborn wrote:
> > Hello, spent a big part of the day looking for information,
> information -
> I went through a similar learning curve last year. I wrote down everything
> I found out in this doc on my wiki.
> http://wiki.internetmachines.co.uk/mediawiki/index.php?title=Freedombox
> The WIFI parts are scattered through the doc, such as  "Dreamplug WIFI",
> "Libertas firmware on old Globalscale OS" and "Marvell modules for 8688".
> If you find gaping holes in the notes please tell me and I will try to
> remember what I did.
> firmware -
> The bottom line is grab the firmware as Nick said and play with modprobe
> and wireless tools. Linux work was being done -
> http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/libertas - and I had some
> success with that, but it was incomplete at the time. There are mailing
> list links on that page.
> bluetooth -
> The same chip does all the radio stuff (both Wifi and Bluetooth) but I did
> not try the bluetooth. Kernel module was bt8xxx.ko, if that helps.
> > or actually the firmware (fw) for both the Wifi and Bluetooth.  Both of
> them complain about not loading fw during the boot.  I know mine worked ok
> when I got it from the Global people, but their site didn't seem to have it
> either, unless I wanted to digress in OS's.
> >
> > I've looked at the DP via 'lspci' and 'lsusb' and don't see either
> device although the Bluetooth shows a vendor of 0x2df and a device of
> 0x199a, can't find anything on them either.
> >
> > Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Jack
> >
> >
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