[Freedombox-discuss] Found the firmware for the Dreamplug...

Jack Wilborn jkwilborn at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 23:59:06 UTC 2013

I just wanted to let everyone know that I did locate the firmware for the
Dreamplugs Wifi and Bluetooth.  Don't know if it works properly, but the
'dmesg' output shows that it's functioning and the load apparently worked.

I do have a couple of problems, one is I haven't yet determined which one
is which for firmware (I have over 15 fw blobs).

Two, I do not get the dashboard lights, I don't know if they need other
software to turn them on and off as they appear to be a separate entity
from the Wifi and Bluetooth devices.   I don't know this for sure at this
point and if you know please let me know!  Somewhere I saw a C program that
manipulated these.

I have enable mlan0 (wireless device on Dreamplug) which responds to
iwconfig commands, but I don't yet see any output from the device.  I have
no information on this, so I'm kind of driving blind.

Anything you know about these, please let me know.  I'd rather hear it a
few times than not at all!

Thanks for everyones assistance!

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