[Freedombox-discuss] 9 JULY *** "Earth Connections" «Connexions Terriennes» *** WORKSHOP

JOSEFSSON Erik erik.josefsson at europarl.europa.eu
Fri Jun 28 09:10:28 UTC 2013

Earth Connections and Small Networks, a Greens/EFA workshop in the European Parliament

Welcome to a low key dialogue between Eben, Eva, Julien, Sandrine, Jonas, Christian and Markus where they give their perspectives on how one can deal more responsibly with "The Cloud" and the problems it brings. Bienvenue dans un dialogue informel entre Eben, Eva, Julien, Sandrine, Jonas, Christian et Markus, qui discuteront de comment aborder le «Cloud» de manière plus responsable, et des problèmes qu'il engendre.

Event link: http://www.greens-efa.eu/earth-connections-and-small-networks-10200.html

Workshop participants will ask questions as they come up and the setting is informal, only to make sure the following questions are covered: Les participants à l'atelier poseront les questions comme elles viennent, dans un cadre informel. Néanmoins les questions suivantes seront traitées: 

1.	What would you say is the aim of "Earth Connections" and "Small Networks"? Quel est, pour vous, l'objet des «Connexions Terriennes» et des «Petits Réseaux»? 


2.	Why do you think it is important and urgent? Pourquo pensez-vous qu'il est important et urgent de les prendre en compte? 


3.	If all the right technologies exist already, why are we still using Google, Facebook, etc? Si toutes les technologies nécessaires existent déjà, pourquoi utilisons-nous toujours Google, Facebook, etc? 


4.	What exactly are you trying to create? Qu'essayez-vous de créer exactement? 


5.	Why would I wanna be an early adopter? Pourquoi voudrais-je devenir un des premiers utilisateurs de ces réseaux? 


Further activities in the room A5E1 will be announced on http://www.earth-connections.eu/ as they occur with possible presentations of concrete examples of "Earth Connections". D'autres activités dans la salle A5E1 seront annoncées au fur et à mesure sur http://www.earth-connections.eu/, avec éventuellement des démonstrations concrètes de «Connexions Terriennes».


*	Markus Sabadello from Project Danube <http://projectdanube.org/>  is working on developing and promoting the FreedomBox in Austria.
*	Julien Rabier <http://www.libre-parcours.net/about-me/>  is setting up a local non-profit ISP in France and helps the creation of such organizations through FDN Federation <http://www.ffdn.org/> .
*	Jonas Smedegaard <http://dr.jones.dk/>  from Debian <http://debian.org/>  is an accomplished software developer interested in large scale software deployments like e.g SkoleLinux <http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu>  and DebianParl <http://wiki.debian.org/DebianParl> .
*	Eben Moglen <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eben_Moglen>  is a professor of law and legal history at Columbia University and the founder of Software Freedom Law Center <http://softwarefreedom.org/> .


*	Sandrine Bélier <http://sandrinebelier.wordpress.com/>  is a French MEP for Europe Écologie <http://eelv.fr/>  and member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety <http://parltrack.euwiki.org/mep/Sandrine%20Belier#committees> .
*	Eva Lichtenberger <http://eva-lichtenberger.eu/>  is an Austrian MEP for Die Grünen <http://www.gruene.at/>  and member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism <http://parltrack.euwiki.org/mep/Eva%20LICHTENBERGER#committees> .
*	Christian Engström <http://christianengstrom.wordpress.com/>  is a Swedish MEP for Piratpartiet <http://www.piratpartiet.se/>  and member of the Committee on Legal Affairs <http://parltrack.euwiki.org/mep/Christian%20ENGSTROM#committees> .

All MEPs are members of the Greens/EFA Internet Core Group <http://icg.greens-efa.eu/> .

Erik Josefsson
Advisor on Internet Policies
Greens/EFA Group <http://www.greens-efa.eu/36-details/josefsson-erik-138.html> 
GSM: +32484082063
BXL: PHS 04C075 TEL: +3222832667
SBG: WIC M03005 TEL: +33388173776

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