[Freedombox-discuss] Freedom-Maker Booted Cues?

Nick Daly nick.m.daly at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 22:50:12 UTC 2013

So, one of the most annoying things about the DreamPlug is that it's
nearly impossible to tell when it's finished booting.  Anyone who's
interested in getting started on contributing code to FreedomMaker could
fork it and create a "signal-running.sh" file that used Festival or the
blinkenlights (particularly the currently unused Bluetooth light) to
signal "hey, I've booted!" or to read off the system's current IP
address (easier through audio with Festival, maybe Morse-code for the
lights?) when it finishes booting.

All you'd have to do is to create an /etc/init.d/signal-running.sh file
in the /source directory and add a symlink like
/etc/rc2.d/99-signal-running that points to the file.

To blink the lights:

$ echo 1 > `eval ls /sys/class/leds/guruplug\:green\:wmode/brightness`

$ echo 0 > `eval ls /sys/class/leds/guruplug\:red\:wmode/brightness`

Thought that might be a fun, zany little idea that someone might enjoy

Thanks for your time,
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