[Freedombox-discuss] Natural market for Freedom Box, responsive interfaces

Chris Hall bitmonki at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 11:12:22 UTC 2013

Hi, again!

While I was reading the archives here, it occurred to me that the
natural market for Freedom Box, the way to ensure massive uptake, was to
target: families.

I even asked a couple of (different) women I know, in their mid-30s, how
they would like secure private VoIP for their families, along with a
family calendar, maybe blogs, possibly private 'family-only' email/text
messaging, for around $100 one-time fee, but they need to provide
internet access (which, of course, they already had).

They were like: "who do I make out the check to"?

But they naturally expected that they could do all of that from their
phone while they were waiting in their cars in the Starbucks drive-thru

Which reminded me that, althoug I may have missed, I didn't remember
seeing even once the term 'responsive interface' in the archives.  (In
this context, 'responsive interface' refers to a web page designed to
automatically adjust itself to screen it is being displayed on.)

It seems to me that anywhere in the world families would just naturally
take to a 'family communications hub' if it were cellphone compatible.

Families make up neighborhoods, neighborhoods (mesh opportunity) make up
cities, cities make up countries, the more Freedom Boxes are adopted,
the more families that come to rely on them, the more cover they provide
for activists, because it would almost be abnormal *not* to have one in
a household.

If we can make it 'plug'n'play' (sorry!), and present it right.

Plus, just to get them out the door and into peoples' hands, to make
them desirable, they just need to be more private and secure than what
people are using now, not necessarily 'activist grade' (that can come
later, based on the experience of the 'family grade' product).

-- Chris

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