[Freedombox-discuss] Natural market for Freedom Box, responsive interfaces

Beber Geens bebergeens at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 22:25:41 UTC 2013


1st post here, and ever - to a mailinglist.

I'm Beber and I'm an enthusiast of all things that will spark some light 
on these times. Also, I do campaigns, websites, some graphics,... for 
the commons. Sensing where the world is heading and looking for what is 
needed to make it ours, the FreedomBox concept seems essential to me. So 
I was wondering how I, as a not-so-techie, could participate in this 

Having searching/reading a bit though the archive I'm a bit disappointed 
that there hasn't been any talk of users, experience, interface, 
marketing or anything related. The closest I found is a thread on a 
theme for the website/wiki and that spark seems sizzled do death by 'the 
reign of the dev' (no offence intended - dudes, your work is awesome#! - 
just a bit too complexicatiing sometimes), result: no progress. Even 
though I this is an absolute gem of a product and I'm sure you know why 
you're working on this project, it seems to me that 
thinking-outside-of-the-dev-box is somewhat needed here.

As Chris put it, a "way to ensure massive uptake", will be the only way 
to get this puppy to live up to it's potential. And then come the legion 
in short, your regular nightmare. Now I know very well it's a plug that 
will be doing some very good things just as / out of the box, but for it 
to be truly interesting for the nitwit masses (myself included), it will 
need some serious unique selling proposition(s), need/want fullfillment 
and therefore marketing. Fearmongering is old-dying-world 
(winningthestorywars.com), welcome empowerment!

Also, responsive is a must!

So basically: +1


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