[Freedombox-discuss] Is there a list of executables that are on the DP, part of what's shipped?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu May 30 19:00:25 UTC 2013

Quoting Jack Wilborn (2013-05-30 20:28:56)
> I had asked a number of 'users' about things like this and was advised 
> many times to send it out to everybody.  Also, I consider what is on 
> there as a default part of the 'Freedombox' development.  How can you 
> separate this?  If there is a distinct line, I would like to know what 
> it is for future questions.  Or maybe this isn't the area I should be 
> in at all?

I consider it a usage issue to figure out how to execute CLI commands.

FreedomBox will not (for any proposals I have ever heard of or imagined 
myself ) offer commandline interface to its users, so even if manpages 
was not possible to read I would not consider that a bug in FreedomBox - 
but one in Debian more generally.

I see the FreedomBox project as a subset of Debian, concerned about 
developing a so-called "Debian Pure Blend".  That "development" involves 
design discussions, practical things like how Debian works (for those 
new to Debian).  But IMO it does not involve in-depth training of e.g. 
doing Debian packaging, nor learning how to use a Debian system, not 
exploring various other usecases for DreamPlug hardware other than our 
specific one.

It seemed to me that your question was pretty much tied to learning how 
to use commandline tools in Debian.  Which I find much better to do at a 
users' mailinglist.

But perhaps I simply misunderstood your question somehow?

 - Jonas

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