[Freedombox-discuss] Is there a list of executables that are on the DP, part of what's shipped?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Fri May 31 09:24:37 UTC 2013

Hi Blibbet,

Quoting Blibbet (2013-05-31 04:37:58)
> > I see the FreedomBox project as a subset of Debian, concerned about 
> > developing a so-called "Debian Pure Blend".  That "development" 
> > involves design discussions, practical things like how Debian works 
> > (for those new to Debian).  But IMO it does not involve in-depth 
> > training of e.g. doing Debian packaging, nor learning how to use a 
> > Debian system, not exploring various other usecases for DreamPlug 
> > hardware other than our specific one.
> Is there any spec/plan that formalizes the UI?

Not that I know of.  Best we have so far is the wiki pages.

...or obviously the very best is My Personal Dream (tm), but that 
probably goes for each of us and doesn't really scale nor evolve ;-)

> Right now it seems to be mostly based on contributions by Jonas and 
> Nick. And the random wishlist of kitchen sink ideas in the wiki :-) In 
> addition to the annual DebConf video, I really wish the FBF would show 
> up here every few months, with a bit more steerage for this project. 
> :-)

The way Debian works is by doing stuff, and then when stuff is done that 
is demonstrated to be sane, and there is a rough consensus that it is a 
way that can gain traction among the do'ers in the project, it is 
documented for others to follow.

So what I am waiting for is not FBF or anyone else to come tell us what 
to do, but for more of us to do more, which can then evolve into a more 
coherent whole.

> > It seemed to me that your question was pretty much tied to learning 
> > how to use commandline tools in Debian.  Which I find much better to 
> > do at a users' mailinglist.
> >
> > But perhaps I simply misunderstood your question somehow?
> I think the OP might have some basic Linux dev skills to learn, and to 
> separate from the FreedomBox list to Debian- or GNU-centric 
> lists/IRC/etc.

Yeah, that was my impression too.  Thanks for better emphasizing that it 
is not binary: I only meant that _that_ question is better asked at a 
users' list, not "go away and come back when you have gained more 
experience".  I believe there are areas needing work here also for folks 
inexperienced with commandline tools.

The main challenge, as I see it, is that of the scary freedom of doing 
whatever you want here.  Noone dictates what to do (other than perhaps 
me sometimes, but then I am wrong: my intend is to encourage and guide, 
not to dictate).

> But that point aside, and given the Subject line's question, I think 
> the OP was asking for the manifest of official binaries included in 
> the FreedomBox.
> Perhaps the answer is, as you say, there is no command line. Pointing 
> Jack to the FreedomBox's UI is also useful, in addition to pointing to 
> generic manpage usage for dev tools that won't be in the user's 
> FreedomBox.
> At least that's how I'm misunderstanding this thread. :-)

Ah, yes. Makes sense.  Thanks for putting this into perspective.

(I have much to learn still in that area)

 - Jonas

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