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Quoting Markus Sabadello (2013-11-20 21:31:29)
> On 20.11.2013 17:11, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Here's a transcript of the comparison at 00:15:30-00:16:30:
>> With arkOS I am really trying to focus on just self-hosting at the 
>> moment. Being able to easily install and manage this content by 
>> oneself, and that's the first goal. We won't go on to anything else, 
>> until we get that goal complete and working well.
>> Freedombox [...] basically designed to do a lot of the thing that 
>> arkOS does, but it also puts a focus on internetworking between 
>> devices, creating sort of - as I understand it - a mesh topology 
>> between the different devices, rather than doubly relying on the 
>> internet that we use everyday.  That's something that arkOS might 
>> consider doing in the future, but like I said, we wanna do one thing 
>> well first before we even consider moving on or creating mutual 
>> strains.
>> I agree with Jacob that it makes best sense to make each independent 
>> box working dead user-friendly first, before tackling the added 
>> challenge of collaboration across boxes!
> Absolutely. However I think there's also a widespread misconception 
> that FreedomBox is mostly about networking (mesh, Tor, VPN, etc.), 
> when in fact self-hosting your data is in fact also one of its major 
> goals.

True there's such misconception, but to me the relevant point here is 
the difference between "one of its major goals" and "do one thing well 
first before we even consider moving on"!

 - Jonas

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