[Freedombox-discuss] Cozy, a personal cloud you can host, hack and delete

Frank Rousseau frank.rousseau at cozycloud.cc
Wed Oct 23 16:45:04 UTC 2013

Le 23/10/2013 18:09, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> Hi Frank,
> Quoting Frank Rousseau (2013-10-23 17:36:25)
>> I would like to introduce you to Cozy, [...] a personal PaaS that is
>> simple to use and allows everyone to host and build easily web
>> applications that collaborate around their personal data.
> Interesting!
>> If you see some way we could join our force with the Freedom Box
>> project, let us know we would be glad to work together!
> Seems your project could benefit from being packaged for Debian instead
> of bootstrapping via Fabric or Vagrant.
> If packaged for Debian, and those packages becoming officially part of
> Debian itself, Cozy can be considered for inclusion in Freedombox.
Yes, now that we have a stabilised version, we can think about working 
on it. We will do some R&D on it
> Nice starting point here: https://wiki.debian.org/Packaging
> Also, looking at your diagram, it seems you might benefit from using
> uWSGI in your "Cozy controller".  If it is a design decision of your to
> only use scripted code (Python and Nodejs), then perhaps you should
> document your reasons why (sorry if you did already and I simply missed
> it in my brief skimming your project).
Actually we use forever, a Node.js tool to spawn daemons. We should have 
a look at uWSGI, maybe it does things cleaner.
We chosed to only spawn Node.js web apps to simplify things but we want 
to allow any development with any stack. To achieve that we are studying 
Docker that aims to standardize the application deployement.
> Good luck with your project, however you choose to proceed with it!
Thank you !
>   - Jonas

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