[Freedombox-discuss] Dumb idea: Alternative to Tor that promotes good behavior

eldedo at yandex.com eldedo at yandex.com
Mon Oct 28 00:48:38 UTC 2013

Bill Cox:
> I would love feedback on an idea for promoting more internet freedom.
> Here's the problem: Tor has little public support, because most Tor
> traffic is wasted on supporting bad behavior.  When I ran a Tor node, it
> became clear that most of my bandwidth was being wasted on video
> downloads.  People want to promote free speech, not child pornography.
> Here's my solution: Build a Tor-like network for routing anonymous data,
> but track behavior of all users' secret identities, and make their
> Internet history public.  Allow node operators to choose categories of
> public identities they which to support.
> For example, I would choose to promote all forms of non-violent free
> speech.  I should be able to contribute my bandwidth to this purpose.
> If a dissident in China goes by the public ID of ChinaCat, and has a
> high reputation for promoting freedom, they are welcome to use my
> bandwidth.  If someone just wants access to redtube.com, they can get
> that access from someone else.
> There are various technical aspects to this idea.  For example, would
> prefer that the social graph between secret identities be public so I
> can use a simple network flow algorithm over trust edges between
> identities to determine how much I trust someone.  The entire social
> network should be P2P, like Tor, and it should route a lot of dummy
> traffic to help hide the real traffic.  With the considerably lower
> bandwidth that is needed to promote freedom rather than free porn, this
> should be no problem.
> What do you guys think?
> Bill
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wow! this is maybe one of my top5 of the stupidest ideas i ever read.
unbelievable. i deny myself any further "discussion" of such nonsens.

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