[Freedombox-discuss] Setup Questions

Chris Troutner chris.troutner at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 16:07:39 UTC 2014

Hey all,

I stumbled a bit when trying to setup my freedom box. I'm hoping the
collective knowledge in this group can help me recover.

Additional notes on the questions below are posted on my running Freedombox

1. Extending the file system
The v0.2 Raspberry Pi image is 3GB, but I installed it on a 8GB SD card.
I've seen several times that I can/should extend the file system, however,
I haven't see any instructions on how to do this.

Do I used parted? If so, can someone recommend the exact instructions to
use? I think the chance of me screwing up the disk with parted is pretty

2. Pagekite
I got Pagekite installed but it appears as though it only lets HTTP
through. I couldn't figure out how to set it up to allow SSH through for
remote administration of the Freedombox. Am I missing something?

As an interim solution, I am using DynDNS so that I can get SSH services
through the router and to the Freedombox.

Also, after configuring Pagekite, I launched it with the command...

pagekite.py &

... in order to run it in the background. However, it is still sending
updates to the screen which is kind of irritating. How do other people
launch this service?


-Chris Troutner
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