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Sunil Mohan sunil at medhas.org
Wed Apr 23 18:06:20 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 23 April 2014 09:37 PM, Chris Troutner wrote:
> Hey all,
> I stumbled a bit when trying to setup my freedom box. I'm hoping the
> collective knowledge in this group can help me recover.
> Additional notes on the questions below are posted on my running Freedombox
> blog:
> http://experimentsinfreedom.wordpress.com/
> 1. Extending the file system
> The v0.2 Raspberry Pi image is 3GB, but I installed it on a 8GB SD card.
> I've seen several times that I can/should extend the file system, however,
> I haven't see any instructions on how to do this.
> Do I used parted? If so, can someone recommend the exact instructions to
> use? I think the chance of me screwing up the disk with parted is pretty
> high.

I would surely try parted if I were you. Here are the instructions of
the top of my head (I haven't tried them). Of course, try this on a SD
card with fresh FreedomBox image and not on an SD card that contains
valuable data.

1) Shutdown raspberrypi and insert the SD card into your main work system.

2) Fire up gparted (graphically we are less likely to make errors).

3) Select the SD card to edit partitions on.

4) Double check that you have selected the SD card and not one of your
main disks

5) You should see one 128M vfat boot partition, 3GB space as root
partition and remaining as empty space.

6) Resize the root partition (and the filesystem in it) to take up the
remaining space.

7) Apply changes.

> 2. Pagekite
> I got Pagekite installed but it appears as though it only lets HTTP
> through. I couldn't figure out how to set it up to allow SSH through for
> remote administration of the Freedombox. Am I missing something?
> As an interim solution, I am using DynDNS so that I can get SSH services
> through the router and to the Freedombox.
> Also, after configuring Pagekite, I launched it with the command...
> pagekite.py &
> ... in order to run it in the background. However, it is still sending
> updates to the screen which is kind of irritating. How do other people
> launch this service?

Pagekite should be readily available in latest FreedomBox images. With
this setup, the configuration is stored in /etc, Pagekite runs properly
as a daemon and logs are sent to /var etc.

Plinth has user interface to configure Pagekite for SSH and HTTP in the
"Router" section. Please check this out and report any problems with it.

Also, if you want SSH working with the command line process you have
tried, see /etc/pagekite.d/80_sshd.rc for hint on the option to be passed.


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