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Lockwood Michael M.G.Lockwood at salford.ac.uk
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Hay Both 

Thanks for the responses.
I am of course as confused as ever.
My poorly informed understanding was that Debian for Freedombox would aim to encapsulate the likes of TOR, Diaspora, Some sort of Encrypted Currently Exchange and so on, and aim to build a Decentralised Alternative. If not this could you give me a little more info ?

Is anybody aware of any papers that might help me in terms of Freedombox and Decentralisation in general?

The whole Decentralisation of Personal Data Movement 'If indeed there is one?' and the Necessary Interface for Mass Participation is something that excites me.
Is there anyone on this list with a similar interest I can discuss further with ???

All The Best

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Hi Luka,

Quoting Luka Marčetić (2014-04-25 21:34:33)
> I too once thought one of the main features -- nay, *the* main feature
> of FB is that it offered decentralization.
> However, when I argued this (at the time, I think stated as one of the
> goals, but since removed) back in 2010, Jonas Smedegaard et al were
> disagreeing.

I guess you mean this (and surrounding thread):

Not sure what it is exactly you say that we disagree on.

> Since then (and because of that), I've lost track of the project,

Right - seems this was your (until now) last post to this list:

My response to that last mail shows what rude asshole I am.  But also it
hints at what actually needs done for FreedomBox to progress: Someone
needs to package those inventions floating around out there - and
maintain those packages.

Noone responded to that email.  I believe those particular projects have
not yet entered Debian, which means it will probably take several years
more before those exciting projects stabilize to a point usable for
non-techies like FreedomBox users.

 - Jonas

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